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Our top casinos list has been carefully selected for your entertainment. However, we understand that every punter has their own wants and needs and might look for a casino with specific features, such as VIP programm, mobile-friendliness or fast payouts.

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How to choose the best online casino?

The opportunity to earn money without leaving home attracts many players to online casinos. At the same time, statistics show that most of them lose their money. In order to maximize your chances of winning, you must be very careful when choosing a gambling establishment.

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OVO Casino

Europa Casino

Rizk Casino

Sloty Casino

PlayOJO Casino

A license is one of the very first signs by which one can distinguish fraudsters from a decent casino. Players are under the protection of the law, and the institution acquires the image and status, the legality of the business is confirmed, it is immediately clear that this is not a one-day resource. Having a license is one of the most important signs when deciding how to choose an online casino.

Among other things, the license for the gambling business determines the cooperation with game manufacturers, who have their own requirements to this effect. It should be understood that the casino itself represents a certain showcase of games that others produce. This works according to the suppliers and store scheme. The casino rents a certain software and provides an opportunity to play its resource.

Online casinos are dominated by the availability of a gaming license CuraƧao. In general, there are several of them. More about licensing, its types and what it affects, we'll talk in another article. The presence of a license is usually indicated in the sections of the site of the institution.

Next, pay attention to the following nuances:

  • What documents you will need to verify your identity, without this it will be impossible to pick up the winnings.
  • Another point is the feedback from the casino, especially a good sign when there is a telephone and a live person answers it. Having a support casino will provide you with a comfortable game and help in controversial situations.
  • Before you choose an online casino, be sure to read in detail about all the nuances of money withdrawal, their terms, conditions.
  • Pay attention to the system of bonuses and everything connected with them, how it will affect payments and so on. You can also choose and get bonuses directly from us.
  • The minimum deposit - the higher it is, the more solid and larger the institution. The payout percentage should be above 95%, this is an indicator of casino reliability.
  • Learn what payment systems the casino works with. It is best if there is a choice and to study all the conditions of withdrawal of funds well - after all, it is important not only to win, but in the end get your money in full and as quickly as possible.
  • Reviews are an important factor when choosing an online casino
  • Considering all sorts of tops, reviews and reviews and wondering how to choose an online casino, do not forget to soberly evaluate the objectivity and honesty of these posts.
  • Do not trust ratings if they are not justified. Be sure to visit the real players' forums where you can ask questions, and get tips on which online casinos to choose. Consider the subjectivity of ratings and possible material interest of people. Soberly approach any information received. Do not trust without a complete picture
  • Availability of free play. Thus, you can understand the convenience, appreciate the technical aspects and other events. Experienced players use this feature to warm up.

Online Casinos Top Secrets

  1. Remember that there are many dishonest casinos on the Internet. Making money in a casino at your own expense, you can hardly pick them up. Therefore, be sure to look in the network for reviews of various casinos, view their ratings.
  2. Trust only a solid casino with a long history. It is best to choose a solid foreign casino, since the honesty of the majority of top online casinos is in serious doubt.
  3. Pay attention to the minimum deposit required to start the game. In large companies, this is at least $ 25-50. If you are offered to start the game even with $ 1, this casino is better to ignore.
  4. Carefully read the public offer agreement with which you automatically agree by registering with the casino. Many gaming establishments, for example, indicate in the contract that they have the right to block a client account without giving a reason. Money will not be refunded.
  5. Be sure to find out which companies work with the casinos you are interested in. At the moment, the most reputable products are Microgaming and Playtech. It is important that these software manufacturers themselves control its work, which does not allow casino owners to deceive customers.
  6. Looking through the reviews, look for them not only on sites with ratings, but also on the players' forums. It is the reviews of real players that are the most valuable. Pay attention to such an important point as the simplicity of withdrawing funds and the time spent on making payments.
  7. Keep in mind with which payment systems the casino works. For Russians, one of the most convenient options is the WebMoney payment system. Translations are very fast, the system commission is minimal. As for credit card payments, it is better not to use them. The reason is simple: as a rule, casinos do not allow you to withdraw more money to the card than you made from it. Gambling establishments explain this by countering money laundering.
  8. Be sure to find out what documents you need to provide in order to confirm your identity - without this you will not be able to collect your winnings. As a rule, you need a valid passport or driver's license.
  9. Before you open a real account, be sure to appreciate the convenience of playing on a demo account. You may not like the graphic design, the speed of the software, some other points. The game should be fun - only in this case, you can count on winning.
  10. Remember that the chances of winning at a casino are there, but they are very small. To win, track your rhythms of luck. You are lucky - raise the stakes, but not more than twice their normal size. Began to lose - lower rates. Competent cash management is one of the main secrets of a successful game.

How to win at the online casino

The casino always attracts those who want to have fun or catch luck. If you want to know the little tricks of casino visits.

The possibility of easy money attracts many people. However, there are only a few winners. In order not to lose money and stay in profit, you need to choose the right casino and follow some principles of the game.

Before playing in an online casino, it is worth remembering. Even if you are developing your own unique strategic game, you may not have to regularly withdraw winnings. In reality, you can only rely on you to lose your funds.

In the game, be sure to use any system - just not the martingale, it is guaranteed to lead to a loss of deposit, it has been repeatedly proven by thousands of players. Consider the periods of good luck and failure, each player has them. To do this, keep a diary in which to note your winnings and losses, build a graph of changes in the amount of funds. Looking at the chart, you will be able to see when the next drawdown begins for you - at this time, operate with minimum bids or switch to a demo account. When luck turns back to you, increase your bet size. Using these rules, you can always stay at a profit.

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